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Once the seventh-grader Vasya who just studied interaction of bodies at a physics lesson was hit from feet by the third-grader Dimochka who unintentionally jumped out of school. For what purpose Vasya after that case pursued Dimochka an hour and a half?

The physicist, having quickly estimated the volume of combustible substances, flame temperature, a thermal capacity of water and couple, atmospheric pressure, etc., pours in a glass from a decanter strictly certain amount of water and fills in fire with this water.

The mathematician constructed model, wrote the program, calculated a flight trajectory, constructed the schedule of running start. Ran up, jumped and... By an arrow it was carried away up! A mistake in calculations, an opposite sign of result!

The father of cybernetics Norbert Wiener was famous for extreme forgetfulness. When his family moved to the new apartment, his wife put to it in a wallet a leaf on which wrote down their new address, - she perfectly understood that differently the husband will not be able to find a way home. Nevertheless, in the first day when at work the next remarkable idea came to its mind, he got into a wallet, got a leaf with the address from there, wrote some formulas on its turn, understood that the idea is incorrect and threw out a leaf in a recycle bin.

Answer: without taking off boots and without taking out from pockets of a nut and a nail, get up on scales. Look, how many kilograms scales show is your weight. Not the weight, but weight. Remember, not the WEIGHT, but WEIGHT! Remembered? Now quickly multiply the weight by nine and eight tenth. Only do not ask, why. So it is necessary! Increased? Now attribute to that that turned out a small letter of "N" and can brag that you are affected by gravity in so many newtons.

One professor, the chairman of the commission on atomic energy was very absent-minded person. He went somehow time in the trolleybus, and there the nurse from psychiatric hospital carried patients somewhere. Their stop approached, there were they one after another, and professor, having reflected, together with them. The nurse, recalculating patients:

- Why it is physics always demand such expensive equipment? Here, for example, mathematicians ask only money for paper, pencils and erasers. Having thought, added, and philosophers, those it is even better, even erasers are not necessary to them.

Answer: together will consult. The direction is known. Knowing time of an exit and speed, Anton from Leshenkaya easily will calculate where the end of a way, and to known time will come running there. Kostya from Leshenkaya on the speed and a way learn time when Lenochk has to catch. And Kostya with Anton and should consider almost nothing. Got, Lenochka.

The mass of the leaf which is broken from a birch - 0,1 g, and the mass of the cat of Yashki who lost in day-dreams about birdies and broken from the same birch, 10 kg. In how many of times the gravity operating on the planning leaf is less than a gravity, acting on the planning cat?

It is easy to explain how the wireless telegraph works. Imagine very long cat - you pull him for a tail in New York, and he mews in Los Angeles. And the wireless telegraph is the same, only without cat.