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The room intended for placement covered, pays off from a certain number of people: on one person not less than 0,5 m" the areas of a floor and 1,5 m" internal volume are provided. The room, big on the area, breaks into compartments with a capacity of 50-75 people. Indoors (compartments) are equipped two - or three-storied plank beds benches for sitting and regiments for lying; places for sitting are arranged 0,45x 0,45 m in size, and for lying - 0,55x 1,8 m.

Ventilation of the buried shelters with a capacity up to 50 people is carried out by natural airing through pritochny and exhaust a box. A box can be from boards or in the form of asbestos-cement, ceramic or metal pipes; the internal

Switching off and again inclusion of the filtroventilyatsionny are dawned in a shelter is made as required. In case of use of the manual drive of the fan with it the able-bodied people covered in a shelter involve.

the platform, places of an adjunction of basic frames of the platform to walls carefully prokonopachivat rags, nla tow a moss. On an entrance to the platform and an exit from it (on an entrance from the platform to the main premises of shelter) hang curtains from dense material. The curtain has to be from two cloths, which width of a nakhlestka - one cloth on another - not less than 25 cm. The entrance aperture of the platform instead of a curtain can be equipped with a dense door.

All cracks, cracks and openings in walls and ceilings of rooms carefully close up, places of inputs of heating and water pipes prokonopachivat. On overlapping fill a layer of earth in 60-70 cm; overlapping if necessary amplifies previously (additional beams, racks). Outside at walls,

If the shelter is sealed reliably, after closing of doors, shutters and reduction of the filtroventilyatsionny unit in action air pressure in a shelter becomes slightly higher atmospheric (it is formed so-called a subtime).

farms, show that for dug out manually cracks with a capacity of 10 people (it is required to take out 12-15 ­ soil it is necessary to spend 25-30 people - h, i.e. 3 persons can dig out a crack for 10-12 h. Works on the device of clothes of krutost and blocked this crack will require approximately same number of workers and time. Therefore, within a day 2 groups of workers on 3 persons will be able to construct the blocked crack on 10 che-

film or stacking a clay 10 cm thick layer. Clay is moistened previously and mixed to a condition of dense dough; its layer has to be convex that water could flow down. On moisture-proof overlappings fill a layer of earth in 60-

At one of crack walls at a depth of 130-140 cm do a seat about 35 cm wide. It is desirable to board a seat (yew). On a bottom of a crack tear off a drainage flute with a bias towards an entrance to a crack, and before an entrance - directly for collecting water (a water-collecting well). Within the walls of a crack tear off niches (deepening) for storage of stocks of food and water.

Time of stay of the population in protective constructions is defined by staffs of GO of objects of a national economy. They ustanavlirat, besides, an operations procedure and rules of behavior of the population at an exit from shelters and shelters. These operations procedure and

The networks of air ducts located in a shelter are painted in distinctive colors: the mode of pure ventilation - in white, the filter ventilation mode - in red. Pipes of recirculation of air are painted also in red color.

In a shelter various engineering systems are equipped: power supply (pipes with an electrical wiring are painted in black color), water supply (pipes are painted in green color), heating (pipes are painted in brown color). In it also broadcasting point (loudspeaker) is equipped and a telephone (at opportunity the radio communication will be organized) is installed.

Silently also construction of shelters in the form of separate constructions. Such shelters are in whole or in part buried and sprinkled from above and from sides with soil. Various subways and galleries, subways, excavations can be adapted for them.