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In operating time with a form, for copying of lines of the text (fields of any type, including a meme, numerical or dates) in the file it is necessary to give the Edit|Copy To command. Paradox can copy text data in files of formats. THT or. RHT.

Usually, in Paradox the documents intended for the press are considered as reports, and on the screen data are looked through in the form of tables or forms. However, sometimes happens it is necessary to see the report on the screen before to print it. For this purpose in Paradox there is a special Report window. It is necessary to notice that in the report it is impossible to carry out input or editing data. The Report window is only means of viewing.

The files containing in the personal catalog of the user will be shown in a dialog box which appears when performing the File|Open or File|Save teams together with files from the working catalog. They settle down at the end of the list of files with a prefix: PRIV: also are available only to the specific user.

Buttons are objects of Paradox which can be placed in forms and to attach to them the ObjectPAL methods. Working with a form, it is possible to click a mouse on the button to execute the actions determined by the attached method. It is possible to add any text or drawing explaining its value to the button.

Some types of the fields Paradox demand special methods of data input. For example, if it is necessary to enter the picture into a graphic field, it is impossible to print simply her name in the same way: there are certain rules and agreements which control a way of input and editing data in fields of graphic type, OLE, a meme and formatted a meme.

The pseudonym is a name which can be appropriated to the DOS catalog for brevity. If the user works with the database consisting of tables, text files, forms, reports, programs and schedules which are in the same catalog: C: \PARADOX\PRJ\NEW\PLAN. Using the Alias Manager dialog box, it is possible to give to this sequence a pseudonym.

In a meme and the formatted memo-fields it is possible to use the Edit|Search Text team for search of fragments of the text and (optional) their replacement by other text. The Search & Replace dialog box is for this purpose used.

Except the objects of Paradox considered above provides a set of so-called constructional objects by means of which the structure of forms and reports is developed. These objects are created when using the special means which are on SpeedBar (the ruler located in the top part of the screen and containing a set of buttons icons for a call of various operations), and can be placed on the document which is developed by the user, whether it be a form or the report.

For example, to copy the graphic the BMP file is given ny century, it is necessary to select item of the Edit|Copy To menu. On the Cjpy To Graphic File dialog box in which the International Federation of Journalists but to choose a name of the existing graphic file (contents of a field will rewrite the file) or to enter a name of the new file in a tovy window of New File Name will be. Thus, Paradox can kopiro-51 vat graphic data only in files. Format VMR.

The library is an object which can be used for storage of the ObjectPAL teams. It gives the chance to the user to create the procedures available to various forms, programs and other libraries.

Rectangles, lines and ellipses are objects which can be placed in a form or the report for giving to the document of more attractive look. It is possible to draw rectangles or ellipses round fields or tables, to use additional lines to point to any important feature in the document.

Paradox (the software product of Borland firm) is a recognized leader in the market in the market of database management systems. Within the last five years (starting with the Paradox version admits experts of the best relational DBMS for personal computers.

Paradox represents opportunity to insert data from external files into fields of Paradox-tables. For this purpose, being in the editing mode, it is necessary to select item of the Edit|Paste Form menu. On the screen there will be a Paste Form dialog box.