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and - the TDS-1 type (1 - a small electrodynamic loudspeaker; 2 - case; 3 - lattice; 4 - soft embouchure; 5 - contact; 6 - sound-absorbing material); - quadraphonic (1,2 - loudspeakers according to forward and back channels; 3 - embouchure; 4 - case); in, - isodynamic.

Unevenness of the frequency characteristic and effectively reproduced range of frequencies are determined by the frequency characteristic removed on a working axis which usually coincides with a geometrical axis of a radiator, and for difficult radiators it is specified in the description.

Electromagnetic phones (for example, the TK-4 type are applied in telephone sets and intercoms. Principle of action: on a constant magnetic flux of the system consisting of a permanent magnet and a magnetic conductor (polar a tip, the variable stream of sound frequency created by the coils which are put on a magnetic conductor to which tension of sound frequency is brought is imposed. Before polar tips there is a ferromagnetic diaphragm (membranes. Under the influence of the constant and variable magnetic fluxes penetrating a diaphragm, the membrane fluctuates in a step with a variable magnetic flux and radiates the acoustic wave coming to an ear. The feeling of a sound results.

At one of loudspeaker conclusions sometimes - pukl or a sign "+" which helps to carry out parallel connection of loudspeakers correctly are put a polarity sign in the form of a point. Designation of a loudspeaker, for example 1 GD-3-100, is deciphered so: the first, figure (-power, W; letters of "State Duma" - a loudspeaker dynamic; the second figure (-serial number of development; the last figures (10 - value of resonant frequency, Hz. When marking non-standard loudspeakers the letters specifying manufacturer (for example are added: 3GD-6 VEF, 5GD-3 RRZ. Electrostatic loudspeakers are marked by three letters: LSHF (loudspeaker the static high-frequency) or LSB (loudspeaker the static broadband), characterizing type, and the figures designating number of development (for example, GSV-1, GSShch-.

Definition, classification, parameters. The loudspeaker (a body a background) - the device for transformation of electric fluctuations to acoustic fluctuations of the air environment - is the last and odes to them from the most important links of any acoustic path as its properties have extremely great influence on quality of work of this path in general.

The coefficient of harmonicas - the relation of mean square sound pressure of harmonicas to average sound pressure is measured for a number of the set frequencies when leading to a loudspeaker of the sinusoidal tension corresponding to rated power.