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On a gender and age pyramid the condition of the population only at the moment of time is imprinted, it is some kind of photo, an instant cut of demographic processes. But on it it is possible to restore also demographic history.

The traditional type of reproduction of the population which is formed in agrarian societies is characterized by unregulated birth rate. At modern type of reproduction - on the contrary, practically all been born children are planned, the benefit for this purpose is now all opportunities. Thus total number of children is reduced as modern families have more wide range of interests; most often children for them - not the most important in life.

In general the situation in labor market of Moscow in comparison with other regions of the country is more favorable. Unemployment rate is otnostiyelno low, there is a considerable deficiency of workers of separate specialties. Employment in outdated productions and the spheres of employment which excessively "inflated" in the past is reduced, increases - in insufficiently developed earlier retail trade and a services sector.