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Proceeding from above-mentioned factors, it is possible to come to conclusion that now it is impossible to allow pupils of real schools on some faculties of university if only not to wish to lower even more the intellectual qualification of the young people who are looking for continuations of education at university. If the assumption of an assumption of realists in university was carried out, it inevitably would lead to two undesirable consequences:

The social institute is an organized system of communications and social norms which unites the significant social values and procedures satisfying to requirements of society. Any functional institute arises and, carrying out this or that social requirement.

Replacement of parents, social support of pupils for their stay in educational institution. For the sake of it the specialized and role structures reminding domestic surroundings are created. In a of this function education and especially preprofessional school reproduces the cultural stereotypes and role differentiation inherent in a family.

Education represents the social subsystem having the structure. As its basic elements it is possible to allocate teaching and educational an as the social organizations, social communities (teachers and pupils), educational process the cook a type of sociocultural activity.

Definition of functions of education serves in research and practical plans to development of universal system of the measured parameters of development of institute of education and its influence on society. After definition of functions it is necessary to estimate as far as there correspond to them the developed structures in an education system.

The special attention was drawn by the sciences able to offer an explanation for the nature of the person and to shed light on mechanisms of the highest form of activity of a human body of mental activity. An origin of the highest mental functions, physiological fundamentals of mentality - these problems of hundred -

The education system is structured and by other principles, it includes a number of links: system of preschool education, comprehensive school, professioyonalno-technical education, secondary vocational education, the highest, postgraduate education, system of professional development and retraining of personnel, education on interests.

From the point of view of sociology the special importance is gained by the analysis of an of society on support of preschool forms of education, on readiness of parents to resort to their help for training of children for work and the rational organization of the public and private life. For knowledge of specifics of this form of education the position and valuable orientations of those people which are taken with children — tutors, of the service personnel — and also their readiness, a and aspiration to execute the duties laid on them and hopes is especially significant.