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Gastric frustration are caused by edible and conditionally edible fungi if they are substandard. Damage of mushrooms is caused by dead-ripe stage and worminess on a root, a delay with processing more than days, the wrong culinary processing and storage and, at last, storage of salty and marinated mushrooms in aluminum and galvanized ware.

To slippery jacks, saffron milk caps and honey agarics autumn cold dews and even morning frosts are not terrible. There were cases when fans – mushroom pickers on forest edges and glades found pieces of ice – colonies of absolutely frozen slippery jacks. You will bring together them, you will spread out in the warm room, and they will gradually thaw. Neither color, nor taste, a pleasant smell they thus do not lose.

October. At first mushrooms - "kolosovik" arise: chanterelles, honey agarics, birch mushrooms, aspen mushrooms, russulas, white. They start growing in June – along with emergence of ears in a rye and flowers in a dogrose. Morels, lines and some other mushrooms appear even earlier.

Hat – fleshy, at young mushrooms of pale yellowish color. Later the hat becomes chestnut-brown color, sometimes dark-brown. Hat form roundish, convex, then more flat. The top surface of a hat of a mushroom a smooth, lower surface – spongy, finely porous, at a young mushroom – white, at more mature – yellowish with a greenish shade.